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Just Beautiful – The Vinta S-Series Backpack

The Vinta S-Series Travel and Camera bag is the perfect companion for the adventure photographer.  Keep your camera, lenses and laptop secure while your worry about where you’re going next, not your gear. This is the ultimate travel/camera bag you’ve been waiting for.

Vinta S-Series


The Vinta S-Series Backpack/Travel Bag

This beautiful and functional Travel & Camera Bag was designed with the modern traveler in mind.  Today’s travelers pack a DSLR camera and multiple lenses to capture their adventures.  You can be sure that your expensive glass is well protected in this ultra-rugged bag.  Whether you call it a backpack, or a camera bag, this sophisticated carrying case includes enough space for your DSLR camera, up to 5 lenses, your MacBook and more.

This is a true photographers travel bag, with plenty of room for your gear.

Vinta S-Series Camera bag


Dedicated Slots for 13″ and 15″ laptops

Speaking of you photography gear, this bag has dedicated slots for 2 sizes of laptops.  A 15″ laptop will fit into the bag from the top, or a 13″ laptop will fit into the back of the bag.  With these 2 options available, the Vinta S-Series backpack is sure to hold to most popular photographer travel laptops.

The Field Pack

A zippered field pack comes standard with the Vinta S-Series backpack.  This field pack was designed to store all your photography accessories including  chargers, cords, cloths, filters, and any other loose items.  Keep everything organised and it’s place, while looking good.

Field pack

Tons of storage space

There is also an exterior pocket with some separate slots to hold flat and small accessories like SD memory cards, paper notebooks, and even your iPhone.  Another storage opportunity is located in the dual side slip pockets.  These areas are for pocket-sized items or a small water bottle.  Everything about the Vinta S-Series Travel bag was designed with the travel photographer in mind. All S-Series bags are weatherproof; the magnetic snaps and leather wrapped

All S-Series bags are weatherproof

Vinta S-Series Photography Bag


Vinta S-Series – Where to buy

The Vinta S-Series Travel Camera bags are available in a variety of colors.  Purchase yours today for someone you love, it makes a great gift for the photographer in your family!  You can find this beautiful and functional travel bag on Amazon, in 3 high-end colors.  The Vinta S-Series Travel Bag.


Vinta S-Series Colors


Our favorite features

  • Converts from a camera bag to a travel bag in seconds
  • Holds a full-frame DSLR camera with up to 5 lenses
  • Dedicated laptop slots
  • Zippered field pack
  • Magnetic snaps
  • Padded interior dividers
  • Waterproof material
  • Leather details


In conclusion, if you have been waiting for a travel and camera bag to come along that looks as good as it functions, you’ve found it!  Read what others have said about the Vinta S-Series bags on Amazon.

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