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What’s Different about Skyrim Special Edition?

The long wait for Skyrim Special Edition will soon be over as the games will arrive on Friday, November 28th.  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was one of the biggest and most anticipated games of 2011.  With the launch of Skyrim Special Edition, fans of the series can enjoy the game on a whole new level.

What’s different about Skyrim Special Edition?


Skyrim Special Edition


The original Skyrim game came out five years ago, and 3 DLC expansions since then.  The Skyrim Special Edition combines all of the DLC content packages into one game, along with several other improvements on the original game.

Several screenshots and preview videos have surfaced that give fans a sneak peak at the graphical improvements.  Some of the more interesting improvements are an improved depth of field and enhanced water shaders.  Surely these upgrades will provide a much more immersive environment when playing Skyrim Special Edition, and that is what this game is all about.  It is impossible to tell these subtle differences through a screenshot.  The game must be experienced for a true interpretation.

The Skyrim Music has not changed

This is one aspect of the game I am glad they have not touched! The beautiful ambient music created by Jeremy Soule is an absolute masterpiece.  My favorite pieces of music happen at night when the atmosphere really starts to make its presence felt.

Skyrim Music (Night Atmosphere)


Graphical Improvements and Mod Support


The addition of mod support is very exciting news for Skyrim players on consoles.  This adds an entirely new dimension to the game.  At this time, there are already a number of mods listed such as dwarven railroads, survival mode add-ons and more.  The graphical improvements have to be seen to be believed, and PlayStation Access has released some footage that may help you understand these differences.


Graphical improvements comparison.  Skyrim on the PS3 vs. PS4


Now you have an idea of the graphical improvements on the PS4 console, but what about the Xbox One version?  Have a look at the video below:


Skyrim Remastered on Xbox One – Gameplay Footage



The gameplay footage above was recently released, giving fans a preview of what’s to come.  However, the best way to notice the graphical improvements will be to download the game for yourself!  The unlocking schedule has been posted by www.gamespot.com – and it’s good news for players that can’t wait to dive in.


Skyrim Special Edition Launch Schedule:

  • PC Version: 12 AM UTC
  • PS4 Version: 12 AM ET
  • Xbox One Version: 12 AM ET

Pre-load the game on your Xbox One or PS4 Console


Pre-loading on the Xbox One and PS4 has already started.  This way, the game will be available to play the very moment it comes out for console versions.  The PC version is free for anyone who owns the game and it’s three DLC packs.  I feel that the Skyrim Special Edition is of more interest to console players at this point.  For fans of the original Skyrim on the Xbox 360, it has been a long wait for this next generation support.

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