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Top 5 Skyrim Special Edition Mods on Xbox One

Skyrim Special Edition was released today on the Xbox One.  Fans have anxiously waited for the new and improved version of their favorite game to arrive on this console.  Here is an early look at the Best  Skyrim Special Edition Mods on the Xbox One.


Skyrim Xbox One

5 Skyrim Special Edition Mods to enhance your game

One of the most exciting features of the brand new remastered version of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the inclusion of mods.  This means that players can add and remove a wide variety of custom game modifications to the game.  This is a feature previously only available to gamers playing Skyrim on the PC.

Create a free account at Bethesda.net to start accessing all of the Skyrim Special Edition Mods on Xbox One.

Skyrim Special Edition ModsThe video below from YouTubers CamAndSeb reviews the top 5 essential mods to use while playing Skyrim Special Edition on the Xbox One.


The best part about adding mods to the game on the Xbox One is the fact that these additions can enhance your overall experience playing the game.  Certain mods make the game more immersive, while others add features to the game that should have been there in the first place!

The Top 5 Skyrim Special Edition Mods on Xbox One:

  1. Start – Live Another Life by Arthmoor
  2. Belt-Fastened Quivers by – Chesko
  3. Open Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor
  4. Ars Metallica by Arthmoor
  5. Marco’s Integrated Leveled Lists by Hoon

In addition to the graphical improvements in the game, all 3 DLC expansion packs are included with Skyrim Remasted Edition.  This is a great opportunity for players of the original game to experience Skyrim on a whole new level.  The combination of expanded content, better graphics and mod support make Skyrim Special Edition one incredible Action RPG.

Skyrim Xbox One

The music in the Edler Scrolls series has always been top notch.  This is thanks to the award-winning composer Jeremy Soule, who have worked on several video game projects.

How do you install mods on the Xbox One Edition?

The video link below will show you exactly how to install mods on the Xbox One.  (It’s very easy)  Simply create a free account with Bethesda to get started.

Skyrim Special Edition – How to Mod on Console!

Skyrim special edition mods
Cam and Seb discuss the best mods on their YouTube Channel

Whether the game is played as a Mage, a Warrior or an Archer, Skyrim has something for everyone.  It has redefined the Action RPG genre by creating a world full of adventure and exploration.  The character customization options are impressive, with something for every type of player.  Skyrim Special Edition on the Xbox One is a polished version of an incredible game.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go create a new character.

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