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Easy Ways to Relieve your Dog’s Irritated Paws

Treat your dog’s itchy, irritated paws at home

There is nothing worse than seeing your pet suffer from irritated paws.  This experience is made extra painful for you and your dog because they cannot explain what is wrong.  However, pet owners in tune with their dog’s emotions can always tell when something isn’t right.

Is your dog trying to tell you something?

Another problem is that your dog will often make the problem worse and not know it.  This is definitely the case when it comes to dry, cracked paws.  Your dog will inevitably continue to lick and lick, making his/her paws drier and itchier.

Relieve irritated paws

This can lead to hair loss, sleepless nights and eventually an infection.  It is important to take care or your dog’s paws in all seasons.  Your dog’s environment has a lot to do with the frequency of dry paws.  Certain breeds (such as Labrador Retrievers) are more prone to irritated paws.  Dog’s who suffer from allergies have it even worse.

Different symptoms occur throughout the year.  For example, your dog may experience irritated paws in the summer due to constantly walking on a hot sidewalk. This can damage the skin on his paws and cause them to crack and split.

The good news is that you can provide some quick relief

Dog paw rinse
A paw rinse including baking soda and warm water can help

Cracked dog paws is a common problem for pet owners, and it doesn’t always require a visit to the vet.  It is important to visit your dog’s veterinarian when something is not right, to avoid mistaking the irritated paws for a serious health issue.

However, it is also wise to avoid giving your dog costly medication with side-effects when possible!

Labrador Retriever with itchy paws

Keep your dog’s feet clean

Keeping your dog’s paws clean is essential for their health.  There are many external sources of toxins exposed to your dog’s paws during a walk.  Pesticides, Lawn Fertilizer, Salt and on the ground we walk on, yet dogs don’t wear shoes to protect their feet!

Rinse your dog’s paws regularly with a foot soak

After a walk, rinse your dog’s paws in a bucket of warm water and baking soda.  Make sure to separate your dog’s toes to get in between the pads and nails. This video explains how easy and inexpensive it is to perform this routine on a regular basis.  This is just one example of a foot soak solution you can make at home to relieve your dog’s itchy paws.


Foot Soak Solutions

If your dog suffers from yeast (your dog’s paws smell like corn chips), experts recommend using a homemade foot solution using Betadine (Containing Povidone Iodine). Vinegar and green tea can also be used to treat mild irritation, and you probably have those items in your home right now.

These paw rinses take 5 minutes and can make a big difference

Make sure to completely dry the paws after a rinse, to avoid drying the paws out further. The entire process takes just 5-10 minutes and should be done often to remove the unwanted toxins on your dog’s paws.  This should make a huge difference in the amount that your dog chews on his paws.

Keep your dog’s nails trimmed

If you hear your dog’s nails clicking on the floor than it is time to trim his nails!  The nails should barely skim the ground, not touch and scrape the floor as they walk.

Regular nail trimming is important to your dog’s health

If you are uneasy about cutting your dog’s nails, your vet can handle this task.  The key is to keep your pet comfortable during grooming so that they are more cooperative.

While cutting the nails, check for dirt, debris or any cuts as well.  It’s the perfect opportunity to give your dog a paw check-up.

Trimming dogs nails

Moisturize those dry dog paws with a soothing balm

Don’t use the same moisturizer you use on yourself, your dog’s skin and paws are different than ours.  It is important to first clean and dry your dog’s paws before applying any creams or balms.  If the problem lies in the toxins that exist on his paws, applying cream can only help if they are clean.

Dry and irritated paws find relief with all-natural balms

Another solution is to use a specialized balm designed specifically for dry dog paws. These treatments can provide much-needed relief to your dog when they need it most.  These balms can help soothe dry, irritated areas and are easy to apply.

A soothing balm coats the skin on your dog’s paw and can be applied as often as necessary.  You and your dog can feel more comfortable knowing that you are providing a healthy solution using all-natural products, rather than pills!

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