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Entertain your pet, even when you’re not at home with the Petcube Play

The Petcube Play is not just a webcam.  With Real-time 1080p HD video, you can now keep an eye on your pet when you are at work. Lose the guilt of leaving your four-legged friend behind by talking and playing with them from work.  In this Petcube Play review, we deliver the scoop on the latest pet toy.

Don’t just watch your pet on your phone, interact with him!

Petcube Play Review

Petcube Play Review: Is it worth it?

Before we give the Petcube our seal of approval, let’s look at the details.  This camera is designed to keep an eye on your dog or cat while you’re away from home.  So what’s the difference between the Petcube and a regular Nest style camera?  The biggest difference is that this camera was designed for communicating and playing with your pet!

Chris Mills over at BGR had this to say about the Petcube Play:

“Pet cameras are old news, and we’ve even seen internet-controlled treat dispensers before. But the latest gadgets from Petcube look perfect for guilty pet owners that want to mess with their dogs while they’re at work.”

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Pretty much the perfect gift for pet owners…

Originally a Kickstarter campaign, the design of this device is elegant and sleek.  The cube is designed with brushed aluminum and curved corners.  Unlike most pet toys, this high-tech device was designed to match your existing home decor.  The non-slip bottom and optional tripod mount mean that the Petcube will stay put while your furry friend is entertained.

Entertain your cat with the built-in laser toy – you control it with your phone!

Petcube Play Colors

  • Pet and Home Security in One
  • Connects with your Android or iPhone
  • Connect it to the internet and Go

Holiday Tips for Safe Pet Care

Petcube play toy

What makes the Petcube Play so special?

The Petcube Play was designed specifically for pet owners to watch and communicate with their cat or dog.  Regular real-time HD cameras are meant for security monitoring and talking with people.  Play a game of laser tag with your cat, simply by swiping your finger across your phone screen.

Key features of the Petcube Play

  • Real-time 1080p HD video with a
  • 138 degree wide-angle view
  • Night Vision
  • 3x digital zoom.
  • Petcube app for iOS and Android
  • No monthly fees required
  • Two-way audio to talk to and hear your pet
  • Sound and motion notification alerts for pet and home security
  • Built-in laser toy controlled from your phone
  • Set laser toy to autoplay mode for regular play
  • Share access with friends and family

Petcube cat toy


The Petcube Play is the next generation of the award-winning Petcube camera.  This high-tech pet care device allows you to talk and play with your pet from anywhere in the world, right from your smartphone.  This interactive wi-fi camera means you and your dog or cat will never be apart ever again.

Talk with your pet via the two-way audio, as your pet responds to your voice in real-time HD video.

Connecting the Petcube to your phone

In conclusion, the Petcube play makes a great gift for any pet owner that goes above and beyond for their furry friend.  By keeping in contact with your pet, you stand a better chance of keeping your pet safe and happy when you’re not at home.  And that’s something you can both feel better about!



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