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Stay Protected with the MyEndlessID Band

The MyEndlessID band uses integrated NFC technology to instantly produce your complete medical information at the time of an emergency.  First responders will have access to your medical profile in seconds, which could save your life.

EndlessID Band
The MyEndlessID band and Card

MyEndlessID – A simple way to protect yourself

In an emergency, medical professionals can quickly access your identity, and emergency contact information.  The EndlessID band also brings all other medical information to the forefront instantly, when you need it most.

Your Health is most Important

Nothing is more important than acting quickly in an emergency situation.  With MyEndlessID, you can be confident that a doctor will have all of the correct information about you at his/her fingertips.  This way, they can provide you with the proper care you need right away.  Order the EndlessID Band on Amazon.


MyEndlessID Band


First responders will be able to easily identify that you have a medical ID band that will provide them with quick access to your medical information.  Your health is important, take this easy step towards protecting yourself or someone you love.


How does the MyEndlessID Band work?

Once you have purchased any of the MyEndlessID devices:

  1. Visit the EndlessID portal at www.MYEndlessID.com.
  2. Create your account by clicking “First Time Activation”
  3. Complete your medical profile

Once you have completed all of the information, it will be available immediately.  You are now protected by wearing your MyEndlessID Band!


Endless ID Band


Access Your Medical Profile in Seconds

The MyEndless ID Band has integrated Near Field Communication technology.  By tapping the device to a smartphone with NFC, your medical profile opens instantly.  Your medical profile can also be accessed by going to www.Eid911.com by logging in using the ID and PIN number located on the MyEndless ID device itself.

Medical Access Bracelet
The Medical Access Bracelet of the Future

Features of the Endless ID Band

When someone accesses your medical profile with either the NFC smartphone method or online, your emergency contact will be notified.  The contact person you assigned will not only receive a notification but the geolocation of where it was read.

Some of the medical information you could include with your band:

  • Medical Conditions
  • Medications
  • Vaccinations
  • Allergies
  • Medical History
  • Insurance
  • Emergency Contacts


Wearable Technology - Endless ID Band


The MyEndlessID band comes in two available protection plans.  The free version includes access to your personal information and medical details, while the MyEndlessID Plus plan includes even more access.  The ability to upload documents, emergency alerts and much more are available with the “Plus” plan.

This Christmas, show someone you love them by giving them the gift of protection.  The band is available now on Amazon.

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