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The Amazing Benefits of Probiotics (For Better Health)

More and more interest is being shown in the impact that probiotics can have on our health. Interest was first created on the topic when, in 1907, Élie Metchnikoff proposed that Bulgarian peasants had longer life expectancies due to eating so much yogurt.

Probiotics can have a profound effect on the human body. The difference in your overall feeling of health each day can improve drastically by simply remembering to incorporate probiotics into your lifestyle.  Whether you take a probiotic supplement or introduce some of the many amazing probiotics rich foods, the health benefits of probiotics are the real deal.

benefits of probiotics

The Amazing Health Benefits of Probiotics

More and more research is being done on the importance of probiotics every day. Here are some ways that probiotics can boost our health.

As you know, your gut health is very important when it comes to keeping your body in tip-top shape.  Probiotics can give you a boost from the inside that has the power to give you a new overall sense of wellness.  The following benefits are just a few of many ways probiotics help us feel our best.


Minimize the impact of antibiotics on your bowel movements

When we get sick, it is great that antibiotics exist to help us through. That help comes at a cost though. The antibiotics will come into our bodies and kill bacteria, indiscriminately. So, after taking antibiotics, your bowels are a warzone and a lot of the good bacteria in your body is getting wiped out. Without the bacteria that our body needs to help process food, we get diarrhea.

Probiotics can help reduce the impact of antibiotic related diarrhea by helping to reinforce the good bacteria and overpowering the bad bacteria. With the appropriate balance restored to your digestive tract, you go back to movements as usual.

homemade fermented vegetables


How to Make Fermented Vegetables at Home (Video)

Prevent and reduce the occurrence of ulcers

Some ulcers and be created by bacteria, h. pylori. When treating those ulcers with antibiotics, the best you can hope for in the eradication of h. pylori is 90%. Fighting the ulcers and the ulcer causing bacteria with probiotics can boost the eradication rate


Can Probiotics Help Ulcers?

Examples of Probiotic Foods:

The following infographic shares 13 great probiotic foods that are essential for your digestive health.  To learn more about probiotic foods visit: 13 Probiotic Foods You Should be Eating.

13 best probiotic foods

Fight anxiety and depression

The jury is still out about this one, but some studies are showing there a correlation between the bacteria in our bellies and the cells in our minds. This is interesting because, and I really hate to say it or think about it, around 2/3 of the cells in our bodies are not us.

It can be gross, or alarming to think about, but just remember that, if you didn’t know that already, you have been doing fine for this long and that is just the way things are. Anyway, it is interesting that organics inside of us, that are not us, can impact the way we think and feel.

Advice on Taking a Probiotic Supplement

Prevent and treat diverticulitis

Before I explain how probiotics help treat diverticulitis, let me explain what diverticulitis is.

Simply put, diverticulitis is when diverticula(pouches) on the wall of the large intestine become inflamed or infected. The kicker is that diverticula are not really supposed to be there. There are a few ideas on the formation of diverticula, I like to think they form when an unusual amount of force is used to move the material in the intestine. The pressure causes weak areas in the walls of the bowels to be manipulated in such a way that a pouch would form.

So, this little pouch in the wall can get some waste and negative bacteria in there and become infected. That is where the probiotics come in. Taking a probiotic supplement will create a healthy balance in the flora of the intestine and the good bacteria will over power the bad stuff that is leading to pain and misery.

The Lesser Known Benefits of Probiotics (Video)


More Benefits of Probiotics:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
  • Improved Digestion
  • Better Nutrition Absorption

We hope that you have opened your eyes to the health benefits of probiotics, and how you can make small changes to improve your life.  There are just too many reasons to start taking your gut health serious and to make a concentrated effort to improve a vital part of your body.

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